Planned in the 1870’s on a grid system St. Anne’s was planned as a garden town by the sea. The architecture, parks and green spaces is a Victorian legacy that we enjoy today. In the last several decades the town has been hit (as many have) by a decline in tourism and high street shopping. The changes in shopping habits, (initially the movement to self-contained outlet villages to the ever evolving internet) has impacted town centers nationwide.

In this century regeneration efforts by local councils have greatly improved the aesthetic look of the town with investments in maintenance and infrastructure. Unfortunately due to global downturns and government spending limitations investment has declined.

The councils (Lancashire, Fylde and St. Anne’s) have worked to improve conditions but as budgets are cut from local governments further, more and more towns nationwide are setting up business led groups and teams, (in partnership with local Councils) to create a unified community that will help their respective towns and cities.

This is why S.T.E.P exists. A partnership for the betterment of St. Anne’s on the Sea.


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