STEP Annual Delivery Plan 2017-2022

The Strategic Action Plan 2017, was agreed by the STEP Project Board in January 2017. It provides a clear statement of the team’s vision, values and priorities, outlining key areas of our service delivery, agreed objectives and proposed projects. The five-year Delivery Plan sets two key values and a number of projects. Each project has individually linked outcomes, to be achieved by the Partnership and its members.
As part of the Department of Communities and Local Governments commission for Coastal Community Teams, it was agreed that a Delivery Plan be produced identifying clear and specific activities that can be delivered within the five-year proposition, and work towards the achievement of the outcomes for this community set out in the Strategic Action Plan.
The Project Delivery Plan for 2017-22 therefore sets out:
● How we will embed our two key functions in the completion of our projects to ensure that we are:
o delivering projects identified by the town
o providing support within the partnership network, across all sectors
o working together for primarily the benefit of St. Anne’s on the Sea
● How we will measure our success in achieving the outcomes sought for this community
● The key actions that will be taken to support us to achieve these outcomes
● The way in which our resources and infrastructure will be developed to support our partners to deliver the projects
The STEP Project Board recognises that there are a number of potential constraints and assumed perceptions which may jeopardise the achievement of its vision and priorities. These can include financial risks, risks to projects, risks from missed opportunities and risks to the reputation of the Partnership. Failure to manage these risks effectively would affect performance across all projects and activities. For this reason, risk management is a key element of the partnerships’ governance and is integral to the successful achievement of the Strategic Plan. Our progress in achieving the actions and outcomes set out in the Project Delivery Plan for 2017-22 will be continuously monitored and reported on a quarterly basis at the Public STEP Update Sessions and to the Project Board to ensure that they are managed.

Full Delivery Plan


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