The St. Anne’s Enterprise Partnership (STEP) was formed in 2015 by traders and businesses Tin the town with the aim to improve all aspects of this jewel in the Fylde. Driven forward by local businesses the partnership is a team for the people of St. Anne’s. Moving into its first established year the team also has the backing of the ‘Department for Communities & Local Government’ granting an award to the group as a Coastal Communities Team. This also has very strong ties with the ‘Coastal Communities Alliance’ and the organization ‘The Great British Coast’.

Together we are stronger! The alliance will have the collective force to support the drive for a more prosperous town. STEP has high ambitions and a passion to enhance the town’s profile. The Partnership is determined that the town will set the highest of standards across all sectors. This garden town by the sea is a coastal gem and this partnership will actively pursue all opportunities presented.

STEP aims to have 7 Theme Focus Groups which will cover all the bases for the continued development and regeneration of the Town. The Theme Focus Groups will meet to discuss and propose initiatives and ideas which will then be directed by the main STEP Project Board which will be made up of representatives from each Theme Group (primarily the Theme Leader), Fylde & Town Councillors and Council Managers/Officers. The STEP Project Board will have no more than 16 Members.
The success of the partnership and this enterprise will be determined by a unified and focused strategy. The philosophy of the partnership is the understanding that no one individual or organization can be responsible for the Town’s operations, improvements and overall well-being. The STEP committee has therefore set out to ensure that there is a balanced weighting of members from the Private and Public Sectors of whose ethos is embedded in a commitment to St. Anne’s on the Sea.