Mark Daniels – STEP Events Theme Leader





I am the owner and director of my own company ‘The Little Stage Company’ and I have now branched out into various sub businesses.





I began my career as a Holiday Park Entertainer for a large resort, and following that I decided to create a one-stop-shop for organisers of events. Firstly offering keyboard player services, touring venues to entertain customers of all ages, then a DJ service which grew from strength to strength. As my client base grew so did the opportunities and demand. As a live event presenter I have hosted in some of the UK’s biggest venues like Earls Court, NEC, Global Gathering, Houses of commons, Royal Courts of Justice to name a few.



My interests involve a lot of what I do in my career. I am also a musician and enjoy playing several instruments.

My greatest joy is my family and spending time with them.



I am the Theme Leader for Events. My work is in this arena and that makes me ideally placed to be the gateway within STEP for any advice regarding the development and delivery of events, festivals and other activity ideas. I live in the town and I want to be a part of the rise in stature that St. Anne’s rapidly growing.

So if you have any great event ideas that you may want to see happen, contact me via the STEP email and we will see if we can help you turn your event ideas into reality.